Friday, October 29


This blog will contain all my thoughts, feelings and dreams. I hope you will be able to enjoy it as much as I have making it.
A couple of things gave me inspiration to make this blog:
  • My sister's note-pad. It's this baby-blue pad with the words 'Dream' printed in fancy script.
  • The blog "Toucher tes rêves" by Sonshu. I love how there is a ton of awesome stuff all whipped up into this fantastic blog. If you happen to be reading this, Sonshu, CONGRATZ! Keep up the good work!
  • My thoughts. One day I told myself, Zoé, wouldn't be great if you could share your thoughts to the world? So here it is!!!
So as my 1st post, I'd like to do something memorable, something else than just an introduction. So, I think I might search the web and come back with my favorite pix. BRB*

There are a couple of versions... Just google "Rawr Means I Love You In Dinosaur"

I just <3 that!!!

Then there is... Grr... My Comp** is real slow. I'll finish this after...

Thanks for reading!

Hope you <3 my blog!


- Zoé

* Be Right Back
** Computer

7 thoughts:

  1. Aaaawww!
    OMG. this is of course the best thing ever on the virtual world! My blog was one of the reason you started bloggin, You made my day honestly. AND i visit every blogger who stops by to comment.
    And when i saw my name there i was seriously touched! :)
    Keep going! BLOG! :) i'll be your first reader! :DDDD

    thanks a ton again! :)
    be back soon!

  2. Love it... u actually used french in ya blog(Karim will be
    See ya school
    keep blogging!!

  3. omg thanx u 2 for comenting!!!!

    sonshu: love ur blog! # 1 fan. thnx for comenting!

    tandia: xxx luv it that u comented!!! u should SO get a blog! cmonnn! its soo fun!

  4. Does anybody read this blog?
    If so read my blog inwhich i'll post later cause i dont know what my blogs called

  5. Hollie: wait r u alex? y do u have the name hollie? anyway, yea, a couple of pps read my blog. but im just startin so u no, its not 2 popular. was ur blog about? ok c u!

  6. i got inspired by you zoe for my blog :)
    really gives me something to do

  7. isnt this great! i got inspired by sonshu, and u got inspired by me. :D thats so cool!!


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