Monday, December 13

X-mas is approaching!!

Dear Santa,
Listen, overall I have had a pretty OK 2010. There were times when I'd be so so so happy and others when I'd be so so so  annoyed/P.O. But hey? That's life ain't it? So this X-mas I would like... (See I even said "Would like" not "Want").
  1. Decorations for my room! Plz, oh plz!! Pretty ones. Artsy Partsy ones! Ones that are really me (kreativ, awesome + cool - LOL).
  2. Books. Books. Books. Books that make me laugh when I am down. Books that I can just slip into when I am sad. Books that are amusing and exciting!! Oh ya!
  3. Art equipment for me to draw or paint my feelings.
  4. Writing equipment - this time to write them down [my feelings] and stationary.
  5. Clothes. Like major-ly cute ones. W/Accessories. Yeah, that would be cool.
  6. The 1st Modern Family season.
  7. Huumm.. I'm running out of ideas.. So, surprise me! KK? Thannx!
  8. Now for things that are really hard to get and that I know only you can get me (Right? Nudge, nudge, wink wink?): Wings! Oh, to fly! That would be cool. I would totally make my friends grow green w/envy.
  9. A ticket ALL 'round the world. I'd <3 to go to places like India or... Spain or even Alaska.
  10. Last but not least. Peace. Love. Happiness. Maybe on the 25th of December, people can forgive. Even if it is only for a couple of hours. They can be happy. Smile. Wonder. Live. Hope.
Thank you so much Santa, I know that you might not be able to give me even half of this. But, you know, even if you give me a dirty old sock the intention counts. Remember this (but plz Santa Claus, I'd actually prefer a cute bracelet or ring than a sock - Thnx!).
Well then, rock on Santa, plz spread Love all 'round the world on this special day.
Lots of love... And kisses!


That was my letter to Santa. Now its your turn. The challenge is to write a letter to Santa with your own wish list. Be truthful and also tell Santa why you deserve your gifts this year. If you do write a letter then drop a link in the comments page, I'd love to read it. <3

Have fun!
- Zoé

3 thoughts:

  1. Zoe,
    :) You should PUT YOUR LINK IN MY SANTA POST COMMENT BOX, since you took up the challenge!: ) Please do so. :)

    i liked your letter, cho cute. :)

  2. not sure you deserve this much zoe

  3. Rita: well, mayB not ALL of it... LOL :) hehe
    Sonshu: soz forgot, sure thing ill post the link :D


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