Monday, March 21



I was talking to a friend, on Skype and he said (in a nice way :)) That my blog "has kind of slowly decreased..". At the beginning, I was a little upset, but looking at my blog posts, they are all so quick, and rushed. It's not normal that the biggest label is "Quick Post". Come on! :) Anyways, what I am trying to say, is that from now on I shall try and post the good, long, old fashioned way. I am taking your comment into consideration J.

Okay, now I will go on with this post. I called it "ponderings", because I have a lot of them, and sometimes they pile up in my mind and make it foggy. So my latest pondering:

What if raindrops were diamonds and crystals. Wouldn't everyone be so extremely rich? And wouldn't it hurt quite a lot? I mean, kids would be in hospital often.
Doctor: What is it again?
Mum (Worried): She was just having fun, in the rain, and now... A concussion? Really?
And wouldn't everything rely on who has big buckets? To get the most diamonds, and wouldn't it be so sad, that the world turns around BUCKETS? It's absurd, like now, us relying on dirty paper bills and pieces of metal ($ notes & $ coins).
Wow, look at me rave, and ramble on.

And about the funniest things :)
I love this, that I can write on and on, because, this is my blog! :D

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Autumn is here... "Crunch" is what you here day and night. I don't particularly like Autumn... Anyways, we just have to deal with what we get right?

Remember, Live Life To The Top. Always!!

Happy diamond catching!

~ Zoé

2 thoughts:

  1. Je trouve ça très inspirant, je dis pas qui je suis mais moi je sais.... ooooooh, mystère!
    une admiratrice presque secrète

  2. If raindrops were diamonds and crystals they wouldn't be so special as we would find them everywhere therefore they wouldn't be so expensive and we wouldn't all be rich. Anyway, how would we get water and the other plants and animals. Besides running and laughing with friends in the soft wet falling rain is one of the best things.
    I've probably thought of this to much so bye.


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