Sunday, April 10

Lemon Cakes and Eiffel Towers

I am, at the moment, having much trouble. The keyboard I am using is the french one. Why? Because I am in Paris! I go once a year to see my family and truly am grateful & amazed every time. The smells, the sights, the tastes are all breathtaking & stunning. Here are the top things I {heart} about la France.

1~ The lemon cakes
2~ The clothes shops
3~ The little birds
4~ The actual people
5~ The gardens and parks
6~ The festivals and traditions
7~ The colourful glass stained windows

Yeah, this is the life, blogging while watching FRENCH Hannah Montanah. Haaha! :) Ok now this has just become annoying. **Turns off** Better.

Ok, blog soon!
~ ZoE

2 thoughts:

  1. Paris is such an amazing city, have a fantastic time!


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