Saturday, August 20

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My words and I

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I am in the middle of the 40 hour famine. I have not talked for 16 hours! It's much harder than one would think, but also quite easy. It's difficult in the way that if there is a great song on the radio, I either want to scream "Yes! I love this song" or sing along. Or I have to assess every thought that slips into my mind and if it is important enough to write it down on my whiteboard to share to my family. But it's great because I really see the world in a different perspective. See, I'm talkative and bubbly, I'm the kind of person who doesn't mind being the center of attention, when I walk into a room, in two minutes I'm telling a story, or a joke, or laughing loudly. That's me. But now, in these 16 hours, I've observed a lot silently. I've gotten to to know the calm Zoé. I've meditated, and I think I've grown wiser.

It feels nice. Sort of like the difference of big, bright sparkly lights used for stage lighting, that change colour and have all these effects; and the home-y lights, the ones that you use to write in your journal, the lights that know your secrets, that are yellow not white, that are just as pretty, but a little subdued.

I'm the same me, just slightly subdued.


I had wanted to call my best friend, S. , and ask her how she was going - she's doing the actual famine, but with friends so it's a bit easier for her. But as I couldn't talk, I decided against it. A while later, the phone rang. My mum got it and it was S. I was elated. My mum told her that I could not talk and she said that she knew but wanted to talk to me. 

Then, I said these three words: "Je suis là" Which, in french means: 
"I am here"

I was so upset. My mum handed me the phone and S talked. It was lovely to hear her voice, even though it had only been a day since I saw her. She talked and, I so wanted to tell her I was listening. 

Anyway, once she hung up, I was so upset I had said those three words. My mum told me that it was the same as the people who do the famine. They have a small bowl of rice at the beginning of the day and one at the end, for them not to faint. Those three words were my bowls of rice. She also told me that I had not said these words because I had had enough of staying silent, but because they came from my heart.

I hope I will still be able to receive the $ 300 I've raised and give to starving children around the world.
I really do.


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  1. Thanks for talking about me, it feels great!!!!
    Im really happy u enjoyed my call, I knew u were listening by the way, even though u couldn't speak!!!
    Thanks again!!!

  2. ;) u were lovely, thx for reading btw, makes me feel good.


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