Tuesday, September 27

my bucket list - 100 things i want to do before i die | part 2

My Bucket List (Part II)

  1. Ride on a ferris wheel 
  2. Make a cabbage patch
  3. Learn how to bake or cook at least 5 different foods (I now know how to make Double Fudge Choc Brownies, Gateau D'Eve, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Eggs and Lasagne)
  4. Go to Queensland
  5. Finish all the book series I have started
  6. I want to do a huge photo shoot starring... Colourful umbrellas
  7. Sum up all my courage and talk to D. E. 
  8. Type on an ancient typewriter
  9. Lay down beneath a willow tree
  10. Make a peach pit ring or necklace
  11. Own a hammock and spend hours swaying in it 
  12. Do a dance camp or lessons
  13. Do a "Once Upon A Time" post {like so} and other fun posts like a "Dear life" post {inspired by}, "I love..." {similar to} and "My Story" {a little like}
  14. Make a website (maybe like a three six five) gallery full of my photos
  15. Get my own computer
  16. Go to Venice and Rome
  17. Visit to the U.S with a friend and/or my family
  18. Grow my hair really long, waist
  19. Go to San Fransisco with my family
  20. Make a difference in the world
  21. Go thrift shopping
  22. Ride in a hot air balloon
  23. Learn how to play the guitar
  24. Learn how to juggle
  25. Compose a song
  26. Organize a bake sale to raise money for orang-utans in Borneo
  27. Ride in a helicopter 
  28. Learn to like tea (It's good for you and all, so why don't I like it?)
  29. Get my two french exams (le bravet & le bac)
  30. Write a novel
  31. Send a message in a bottle
  32. Watch the sun rise
  33. Go skinny-dipping
  34. Jump off a waterfall
  35. Be part of a flashmob
  36. Sleep under the stars
  37. Step into every continent
  38. Stay up all night
  39. Try voodoo donuts
  40. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back
  41. Get my ears pierced
  42. Have a pen pal
  43. Go to Greece
  44. A couple of years after I have completed 18, cut my hair as short as a boy
94 things that I want to do before I die {see part 1} If I think of any others I will be sure to type them up as quickly as possible! Hopefully before next year I will have composed a hundred items on my bucket list. 

dream/driːm/ To have a deep aspiration or a wild fancy hope.

2 thoughts:

  1. That's a cool bucket list! Especially the brownies!!!

  2. @hamish: thank you!! brownies are super yum :P


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