Saturday, December 24

christmas traditions

Dear Blog,

Today is Christmas Eve. We are all busy in a secretive way; scurrying about with wrapping paper and golden ribbon, all super pumped for tomorrow. Christmas isn't about presents for us, and it isn't about god either. It's not about decorations or food (even though they do have a big part in it). It's not about snow (we are in summer anyway). No. It's about family.

And we all know family is about tradition:

Tradition 001 --

Once the tree is decorated with colourful Christmas balls, twinkling lights, and the first few presents from relatives around the world are placed under it; the star is hung by Papa. Always, whether he's in his apron because he was cooking dinner or in trakies, coming back from a bike ride. And once he's placed the shining golden star and moon, we know the Christmas month has truly begun.

Tradition 002 --

The mayonnaise eggs. That is one of things we eat on Christmas Eve. With olives and turkish bread. Always.

Tradition 003 --

The sunny Sunday. I don't know, every single Christmas turns out to be on a Sunday, and the sky is always clear and beautiful.

Tradition 004 --

7:00 A.M. When I wake up from a much too much excited and almost sleepless night. When my eyes flutter open and I watch the clock tick from 6:30 to 6:31 to 6:32. And when it's 6:57, and I just can't take it, run to my sisters room, and my sister is fast asleep. Once I've woken her up, told her three times that it's Christmas, we run barefoot in our summer PJ's to Maman & Papa. Then, and only then can we assemble around the tree and tear open colourful wrapping paper. Only then. It's excruciating.

Tradition 005 --

This tradition, isn't really a tradition as this is the first time we do it. So recap.

Newly founded Tradition 005 --

Once we've played a lot. A lot. With our presents, and had our lunch. We go over to our neighbours and have afternoon tea. Compare presents and chit chat.

What are your Christmas traditions?

Merry Christmas, have fun!

With love,
And hugs,
And presents,
And-Okay I'll just be quiet now...

Love ~

3 thoughts:

  1. We don't celebrate Christmas :(

    So yeah, but back in South Africa my family would have a big dinner at my grandma's and everyone would come extended and close family! that is fun!

    Same here a summer Christmas!
    PS: Merry Christmas from your neighbour!{New Zealand}!

  2. I like the gingerbread house. Did you make it?
    My christmas wasn't really special this year. I mean: I went to bed on the floor at 2 am Christmas day. Then when I first woke up many hours later with my santa sack right next to me I didn't even want to open it. Some Christmas.
    I better leave before I chat to much. Zahra

    1. That's no good. I hope you have a better Easter this year, if you didn't have a good Christmas. Nope, my neighbours made the gingerbread house. xo


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