Thursday, March 29

hues around us

Colours are everywhere, they fly by, many hues, shades and tones. We have named absolutely every splash of colour in existence. Whether it is red (magenta, pink, peach, blood, amber, saffron), green (jade, tea leaf, dark green, grass) or blue (aqua, sea water, murky blue, dark blue).

When we read each word a certain colour comes to mind, but what if one lived in a world without these. A world where a veil of black was always covering, where it was forever night.

How would you describe a colour to someone who cannot see?

This has bothered me for a while now, so today, I'm going to give it a go.

Yellow, is the colour of warmth, when you go outside, it is the heat you feel on your skin, it is the soft comforting glow, the colour coming from fire. It is the colour you feel when you place you hand on the earth on a hot summer's day.

Brown, is the colour of mud, it is the colour that evokes a rainy afternoon it is the beginning of life. Brown is the colour of that layer of grime once you come back from a walk in the bush on an overcast day. Brown is overcast.

Pink, is the colour of rosy cheeks, the colour of buds opening, pink is one of happiest and softest colours. Pink is what a sunset is streaked with. Pink is the colour of love.

Now it's your turn, how would you describe
- Purple
- Gold
- White

2 thoughts:

  1. I .
    I would describe purple as, happy and heartened, something beautiful but sad, something that makes you want to cry becaus it is so beautiful, that is how i would describe purple.


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