Thursday, March 15

that awkward moment when ii

That awkward moment when your mom’s telling you how much she likes your new boyfriend, and then ends the conversation with "I’m gonna be sad when he breaks up with you”.

That awkward moment when your nanny turns out to be your ex husband disguised as 60-year-old British caretaker.

That awkward moment when you run over your own banana in Mario Kart.

That awkward moment when the only thing you know on your test is the date and your name.

That awkward moment when you can’t stop laughing while telling a joke and when you are finally done, your friends doesn’t even get it.

That awkward moment when the dentist asks you a question while his hands are in your mouth.

That fail moment when you think you did really well on a test but actually got a 68%.

That awkward moment when your epileptic friend has a seizure during ‘Moves Like Jagger’.

That fail moment when someone says “Happy Birthday!” to you, and you respond “thanks you too”.

That awkward moment when Edward and Santa are watching you sleep at the same time.

That awkward moment when you’re sitting in the theatre about to watch a movie and BAM, human giraffe sits in front of you..

That awkward moment when you accidentally type your password in the username slot.

That awkward moment when you want to write an ‘awkward moment’ quote but don’t know what to write.

Eat a peanut and sing the national anthem,

5 thoughts:

  1. Hahahahaha! Oh, I love the first one... whata fail :P

  2. I'm glad to see more posts, I was getting worried after a tea party on pluto. i love the photo of you1 Did Milly take it? The finishing sentences are a nice extra too. Take a bath and drink a milkshake.

    1. Millie took it, yupty yup. I shall take a bath, and try to get my hands on a milkshake*



  3. Millie the neighbour or Millie from school?
    It's a beautiful picture of you!
    You are very inventive with your awkward moments!
    I don't get the one with Edward and Santa?

    1. I don't take credits for these awkward moments. I found them on They're nice huh? The Edward and Santa are references to 'Twilight' ('Edward watched Bella sleep') and to the part of the song 'He knows if your asleep, he knows if your awake, he knows if you've been good or bad so be good for goodness sake'.
      As a side note, do I know you?


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