Tuesday, March 20

the trials of being a writer

Writing take practice, there is no doubt on that matter. Sometimes, with my eyes tightly closed, my hands clenched in fists and my face contorted in humorous expressions I cannot, no matter how hard I try think of a subject to write about. The feeling is there, the need to write, but something quite major is missing.

My thoughts are like an ocean, with thousands of colours, I am a little boat bobbing on the surface trying to get to safety; sometimes the water is smooth and still, and sometimes it becomes murky and the air, icy. Distantly I may see an island, this island is what would be my idea. Sometimes I can't reach it, but when I can, I write it down. There, I have my subject, now it is time to write. To get lost in the words, and in the meaning, and get carried away, just me and my island. 

My idea and I.

What do you do to get inspiration?


2 thoughts:

  1. Do your parents read your blog Zoe?

    1. First off, please feel free to write your name. Secondly, the fact that they do or don't is quite beside the point of blogging. One's blog is for themselves to enjoy, and not necessarily the reader. Right?


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