Sunday, April 15


I am on my two week holiday at the moment. These small breaks are puzzling because I have homework to do, therefore they don't feel as liberating as my six week breaks do. Also, the air is bittersweet because summer has melted away and the sky has become cloudy.

Sometimes, a girl needs to be alone. I think this is the time for me. A couple of issues are troubling me you see, and am not as relaxed as I should be. After weeks of fast forwardness, an abrupt stop, like this break,  is startling. 

Now, to try and make me feel marginally better, I'm going to go wrap myself in a blanket and watch a movie with my sister.

That should help, no?



2 thoughts:

  1. I aree wholeheartedly.
    With all the homework the teachers have given us, it's difficult to relax completely until it's all done. Even when I'm just,say, vegeing out with a good book, the is always that niggling thought in the back of my mind that won't go away until it is tended to.
    So yes, I agree, it is bitter sweet, with a bit of a placebo effect thrown in.

    1. i love the way you express yourself lara (:
      you made me laugh tons.


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