Saturday, July 14

the essence

It is impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow, and what adventures, ups and downs, twists and turns you will take part in. Impossible to perceive what personalities you will meet and what salty waterfalls of delight and dejection you will taste. Impossible to imagine tomorrow and its' highlights.

My friends, this is the essence of life: being uncertain of what tomorrow will hold.

Enjoy what you have and stay beautiful.

 I wash my faith in dirty water,
'Cause it gives my mind a little order.
And I play that game, just like I should do.
But my whole world, slips away.
I live my life, I live it slowly.
And I take my time, I'm in no hurry, I'm living
- Newborn Friend, Seal


2 thoughts:

  1. Tomorrow is the future and as such fits this definition:"Future: n.m. A gift awaiting to be unwrapped"


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