Sunday, December 2


December has always been my favourite.

Where I live, in the southern hemisphere,  it marks the start of summer. 
Sweatshirts are gradually replaced with tank-tops, the air is rich with new scents, and being barefoot doesn't result in purple toes. With December comes Christmas, and before that, on the ninth, my sister and I celebrate our birthday. 
December means summer break, December means crickets in the warm night's air, December means longer days and December is the last month of the year, finally a month to relax.
I suppose December isn't quite that this year. Celebrations, check. Summer, check. But there is a heavy feeling floating around. With many exams coming up, even in the last weeks, and assignments to be completed during break, it is hard to relax. Everything is a frenzy of work, of typing and of late nights.

In the midst of all this up-coming celebration, it is hard to stay focused. But hey, it is December isn't it? One must learn to take a break.

Have a nice week friends,

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    1. True that. My sister prides herself on her feet for a reason.

      That was a joke.


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