Sunday, December 23

the taste of rain

the taste of rain 

after a long day, when the air is heavy and the sky is low,
and a drop of rain on bare skin is a luxury.
squeals of joy, a frantic dog,
can I play, can I join
can be heard.

it is a fact that the human mind can push all its worries away,
and for a couple of hours, moments of bliss,
a rosy tinge, only faintly shadowed

outside in the garden, blue lips, smooth skin,
drenched hair, and forever smiles
freeze the moment

fresh and pure

the droplets become splashes and the splashes torrents
ushered inside,
now wipe your feet,
the moment has floated away,

leaving behind
the taste of rain.

1 thoughts:

  1. Why that's lovely Lotus.
    I would guess you wrote it about an experience you had in the not so distant future.
    Merry Christmas everyone!


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