Saturday, February 2



i have been completely blown away by carson ellis' illustrations in 'wildwood', a beautiful and intricate novel for all ages. pff, her plates are amazing.

i have discovered glow in the dark nail polish and nail polish that (faintly) changes colour when one's mood does. life doesn't get any better does it now?

i've also been swept even deeper into the world of books, plunging into them just like a cartoon circus performer would plunge into a small pool: vanishing entirely into their whimsical worlds. more than once i've looked up from a book only to find that the whole day has melted away.
i don't think we fully understand the power of words and books and writings, all three are taken for granted, but really how amazing are they? i don't wish to sound cheesy, but words can make turmoil, they can educate, they can inspire, they can instill a thirst for travel, in a world where characters are as real as you and i and where everything and anything is possible. but, it doesn't stop at fiction, oh no, poems, documentaries, real life stories, captions, et cetera et cetera. how rich words are, and how much we have to learn from them.

summer is slowly but surely slipping away from my grasp, i've never understood how winter lasts so much time, slugging on and on and on, wheras, summer, spring and even fall are gone in a flash. fall will be quite shortly upon us, and before that, an intermediate time, where everything, plant or animal, is unsure of how to adapt to this chilly, crisp weather.

yes, lately has been a time of adapting, to the new weather, to the end of the break, to new tastes, and new beginnings, a change in personality, even a change of friends and habits, especially adapting to new situations and adapting to the new year. because with a new year, comes change, a change to embrace and be ready for.

have a beautiful week,

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