Sunday, March 17

a note to my beautiful new followers...

the truth is that i'm awkward. i never laugh on-cue, when i'm flushed i go bright, bright red, my hair is usually pulled up into a messy-bun, i don't wear makeup; not because i'm an indie who's against the stuff they put in it, but because i simply don't know the difference between blush and that-stuff-you-spread-on-your-lids.

i procrastinate, and my clothes are never from big stores, they're just items i've picked up for next to nothing at op shops,
the truth is that i've never been to a party with music and punch, and i'm usually tired or lazy, or both to blog, or to write, or to actually make art. the truth is i'm too honest for guys, they think i'm weird, and tall. the truth is, my life isn't amazingly better than yours, or his, or hers. i go on and on about not judging people, and having a balance, but let's just say i haven't exactly mastered the art myself.

but, inside of me roars a fire.

i don't want to exist, nope, i want to live.
i'm thriving to live a raw, real, vivid life, and new followers, i just want to take a minute to thank you for joining me.


1 thoughts:

  1. Don't fret, you're just where you should be

    And you're keenly aware that you're far from done

    That is a lot already


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