Friday, May 31


When my sister and I woke up this morning, we tiptoed around the house and talked in whispers. Our grandmother had arrived from France at midnight and was in a deep sleep. We were not allowed to stay up that late to see her, since it was a school night, so it was at eight in the morning that we saw our grandma for the first time in two years. It's sad living far apart from loved ones. We call our grandma 'Mima' because when I was younger, my mother would say 'Dis bonjour à ta Mamie, dis 'Mamie'" ('Say hello to your Mamie, say 'Mamie') My two year old self switched the syllables around, so Ma-mie, became Mi-ma. I suppose it just stuck.

Mima is lively, she wears her white hair very short and has piercing blue eyes. She talks. A lot. She loves sweets: hot chocolate, fudge, chocolate especially. Mima would rather a Sudoku puzzle over a TV soap any day. Her and my mum have the most amazing, witty conversations together. She's been through a lot, but has always kept a positive attitude.

My Mima is one of the strongest, loveliest woman in the world, and I'm so glad to be spending one and a half months with her.

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  1. wow this is lovely. i can totally relate to this love for your grandma. mima is the cutest name omg, and she sounds so interesting. i hope you enjoy your time with her.

    1. i will, thanks so much for reading, lovely. xx


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