Saturday, November 9

humanity and creating (as per usual)

It is Saturday afternoon, and my eyes sting a bit from being in front of the computer and reading feminist/amazing/mind-blowing articles on none other than Rookie. All this beautiful creativity that I sometimes get a glimpse of (via magazines such as Rookie) is very bitter sweet.

On one hand it kind of makes me feel like I am but a bystander as I feel small and overwhelmed by this torrent of art. When I tell myself "OK Zoé, today you are going to write a blog post/paint/cook/learn a poem what have you", I am constantly reminded that others have done better, greater things so why try and 'compete' with them?

"We were made to create" SOURCE.

On the other, I am filled with some crazy electricity that gives me hope in humanity and I am reminded that there is more than just high-school, and the people I have met.

Yes, as real raw lovely humans in my life there is my ex-neighbour and her husband who have become my adoptive aussie grandparents (they regularly go to beanie festivals and the like), and my sister's best friend who is fiery and stubborn. There are also my best friends (how funny it is to classify one's friends as first, second, best friends, isn't having them at your side good enough?) who are all hilarious, sometimes hermit-like, sometimes party animals and crazy-smart in their own ways.

There are people I don't know such as Tavi, Lisa Mitchell, Lorde, Emma Watson, Johnny Depp who exist and people whom I've never met (and never will) but have somehow fallen in love with, fictional but strangely so much more tangible than the kids I hang out with: Juno, Lola, Alaska, Charlie, Amélie and so forth. Those people are quite big in my life, because they are always behind me, whispering, snickering, advising.

But there are girls and boys and women and men who are so bloody obnoxious and snobby and narrow-minded that, let's put aside that I'm an amateur Buddhist aside for a minute here, I want to punch them.
Oops, maybe I got a bit carried away there...

3 thoughts:

  1. Hi Lotus!
    I don't know how you can doubt your creativity! Your writings are always so beautiful; your photography is stunning with light and focus and perspective....
    You are more creative than I could ever aspire to be and you inspire as many as inspire yourself.
    Keep the creativity flowing!

  2. i feel similarly when i see other people's successful creative ventures; it's so hard to not compare them to my unsuccessful ones, but if i just keep trying then eventually i'll make something i'm proud of. if not, then i just have to carry on until i do!

  3. Dear Lotus
    You create because you HAVE TO, not to compete with anybody. The result is almost secondary to the impulse.
    Please keep pulsing. Lots are paying attention, certainly me included.


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