Saturday, January 25

it's where my demons hide / this is my kingdom come

So tomorrow, I'll be down at the coast, living the simple, clear life. It might sound a bit cheesy and stuff, but a week of long hikes, of writing and of feeling in silence among the trees, of skin smelling like salt and crushed almonds, of morning-jogs on the beach, of sitting on uneven rocks and of looking out to the waves, of peering in rock pools and of spending some time alone or just with my family (away from cliques, and groups, and being self-conscience) is so very refreshing. It's been too long.

The coast (the same one I have been going to for the past... 9 years? maybe 10) is another universe altogether. A universe of tiny treasures - shells, and little creatures. A universe where time doesn't fly by or inches forward, time is a friend. You can have a chat to it, you might say "hey, I was kinda wondering whether you could just stay a while" and it does, unlike in the city where it's always escaping you.

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(Title: Imagine Dragons - who are my new favourites, so. good. - Demons)

(Also: I put up that picture^ thinking it was all boho and indie and because it fit the mood of being in an isolated but still beautiful place (and the trees reminded me of the coast). And then, I saw the dude in the house. Why is he even there? Anyways, this isn't like some eccentric uncle who built me a treehouse because I'm his favourite niece, okay? I just thought the treehouse was pretty.)

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