Thursday, May 1

“I think I deserve something beautiful.”

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Today was the first day of school, second term. My days are, once again, being divided into three parts: breakfast, six periods, dinner. It feels nice to have this structure again because though I complain and procrastinate when the pile of homework seems to be growing by the second, there's something to be said about working hard and achieving stuff.

Really figuring out a goal and scribbling different ways to get to it and pushing yourself further and further can be more rewarding than anything. This being said, taking care of yourself (and the people that mean something for you) is as important and can be just as rewarding.
I guess the word I'm looking for here is balance.

So with this in mind, this month I am going to make an extra effort to even out all the work and stress that will definitely start to accumulate by allowing myself time to read/listen/do/watch/ even eat fun & original stuff, a sort of a challenge, if you will, to stay above the flow of work.

So this week, I have particularly loved...

(clockwise, starting from the top-right picture)

Milo Green, a indie cinematic (that means that they make music for movies that have never existed, so fictitious soundtracks I think...) band that I just discovered super recently through Erin Marie's blog. It makes you want to simply forget every commitment and rule and float away.

This is a picture of Poetic Cosmos of the Breath by artist Tomás Saraceno which was an experimental solar dome launched at dawn. Saraceno wanted to play with waves of light and portray the intangibility of colour.

Rookie's How to Look Like an Untouchable Emperess tutorial by Indigo, which totally blew my mind. Though I'm not all that into makeup, I'm definitely super tempted to try the red/gold regal look.

After having watched the movie about three gazillion times I've only just gotten around to reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Have you guys seen/watched it? The movie is gorgeous, and I must say so is the book. In each country (Italy, India and Bali) Liz sets off to start FEELING again and after being so dependent on people her whole life, to start spending some one on one time with herself. Needless to say, she gets a bit of a run for her money.
I loved the part of the book when she says, quite simply: “I think I deserve something beautiful.” 

Then we have Flight of the Conchords, just about the funniest-yet-sometimes-very-odd-but-still-in-an-endearing-way TV series I have ever seen. There's a lot of amazing New Zealand accents (!) and dialogue that is so witty it takes you a minute to get and then you have to rewind the Youtube video because you missed the next hilarious exchange, and then Youtube takes ages to buffer but it's OK because you're watching FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS.

I also recently watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower again which I really enjoyed. It's definitely hits home when it comes to the pressures on teenagers to conform and to hide who they really are.

Ah, Flight of the Conchords again, what are they doing there, again?

I'm currently at Day 4/30 in the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. Though I really prefer exercising without some uber hyper woman telling me that "I'm having trouble too! Don't worry!" while perfectly executing a Septa Inhale, challenging myself with different stretches and yoga moves is pretty great too. I think people get a bit freaked out when I tell them I like yoga, but really it's not all that weird or scary. It's basically 20 minutes out of your day to become in tune with your breath, to control your thoughts and to exercise your body. What's not too like? (Note: today, Day 4, was a bit annoying, a bit too much 'Loose weight now!' and not enough 'Feel the ground below you, and find your centre'. So maybe it's best to find another yoga challenge, if you're really interested in the meditation part of it...?)

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  1. Yay, I love that you're diggin' Milo Greene! They rock :) And I absolutely love Perks; I feel like it's totally necessary to re-watch that movie every couple of months, even though it's heartbreaking. And yoga sounds fun!


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