Sunday, September 7

high school - the limited edition of life


I blocked the boy I kind of fancy on Snapchat. His geometry was too difficult for me to understand, there were too many angles and circles when he talked. I wish I could meet more people, as obnoxious as it sounds, I wish I had a wider pool to chose from. I feel as if high school is the limited edition of life.

I was at the airport yesterday, though it feels like it was a week ago. There were so many people leaving, and entering and hugging and sitting and I stared.

I feel like pressing my hands on the white wall at our school's entrance. It would be nice to rest my cheek on what my life has become. I'd hear the vibrations of conversations within, at a safe distance. I only have a couple of months left at my school. I'm trying not to do everything at a safe distance.

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  1. Yeah, high school is like that. I wondered why there weren't more interesting people within its walls. But then you get to college, and you meet new people, and you certainly see the world is bigger. Cool artsy post!


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