Monday, September 29

in less than a week

"I'm going to Borneo/Malaysia in less than a week.
I seriously cannot wait. I'll be there for three weeks, trekking, helping out a local community in the Borneo highlands, visiting KL and the orang-utan sanctuary."

I've probably repeated this sentence nine times this week to all sorts of different people.
"Oh, what a life changing adventure!"
"Are you flying on Malaysian Airlines?"
"This is something you'll remember for the rest of your life. The ties you'll make with the people you're going with - they'll be so precious"
"Yeah, well I'll be going to the coast with Holly and Marcus about then. But we'll be thinking of you sweating and trying to get up hill after hill while we drink soda in the jacuzi"

For a bit less than a year now, I have worked almost every week to earn money for this trip. I feel as if I am on the brink of something so thrilling, but so scary and new and overwhelming and gahhh.

2 thoughts:

  1. wow a beautiful experience is coming your way, i'm so excited that you are about to learn so much. it's sort of like you're doing an exchange of hard work for new knowledge. that's something to appreciate huh:-)

  2. This sounds like it will be the most amazing experience. Jacuzzis are wonderful too, but they're not exactly life changing, are they? Take a camera. Take a notebook and a healthy supply of pens. Be open to every opportunity, every challenge. Above all, have fun and savour the experience you've worked so hard to earn xx


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