Saturday, October 30

LONGGG post...

Heyy all readers,

I have decided to write a really long post.

As you probs know already... I wonder a whole lot. I've been wondering about a couple of things...

So 1st there is this real big tree near my house. It's MASSIVE. Think of the biggest tree you've ever seen and times it by 3. Anyways my sis and I discovered it a couple of weeks ago and now we go there all the time. We've called it 'Saccret'. It's Secret and Sacred combined. Like Fantabulous*. It's full of hope and mystery and whenever I look at it a surge of happiness fills my soul... ( I think Mrs. Sharpe my english teacher would be proud of me. Descriptive sentence! I've just finished studying, I'm not gonna talk about school. ) Anyway, I love it. And the best thing is, that people have already built a sorta cabana high up into the branches. So, it's like a lookout. I wonder whether if it is for a reason that I feel as if this tree is part of me. It's something deep and mysterious. Something only the tree knows. Talking about trees, there is this riddle that goes:

If a tree falls on the ground, with no-one around, does it make a sound.

I love that. It's as if things change when your not looking. Yes, maybe 'Saccret' is alive and talking when I leave. Maybe nature has a massive secret. A secret that humans utterly ignore. They might have thoughts and feelings.

Which then brings me to another last part of my wonderings. Religion. Religion is believing in god. God wants peace, yes? Well then, why do people fight over what religion everyone should believe in? Personally I am neutral. I think of every religion as equal. I'm not even sure I should believe in a certain god...

All these wonders. There would have to be a lot of answers to answer my wonders.

But then again, should every question best be answered strait away? Or should grown-ups wait, then ruin kids beliefs, because the kids will no longer be kids. They'd be ready... But then when are you ready? When do you grow up?

All so complicated.

I've confused myself. And you probably.

It's just seems very big to me...

- Zoé

* Fantastic - Fabulous

5 thoughts:

  1. Your writing reminds me of me! :P

    omg, amazing thing about the tree :) love the name, im sure its pretty! :)
    heheheheh its weirdly comforting when you get attached to things which cant talk! :)

    Loved the post!

    P.S: Check out my latest post when you have time!! :)

  2. thnx again for reading my blog! u rok! anywho, i have seen ur latest post the 'stranger' one. im just getting started with the blogging... but yes, u sure are giving me ideas. but then, no1 likes a copycat. ill be original but still <3 ur blog! omg continue! and plz tell me wen uve writen something! and howd u get the sheep? its adorable!!! <3 <3 <3

    p-s that was a heart <3

  3. Awww,
    and thanks so much :)

    I comment on every post of all the people i follow almost everypost :)
    thats how its usually done i guess, or how i chose to do t! :)

    I GOT THE SHEEP from a random website i stumbled upon dont even remember, will tell when i do! :P ehehheh


  4. sonshu can i visit ur blog
    gimme the link plz

  5. rita : so sonshus blog is i answered for her cuz i dont think she visits ma blog all the time. thnx for comenting.. o and following!!


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