Sunday, December 19

Perfect Future?

A question that I would like to ask all readers: 

What would be your ideal future?

Well, it would completely pointless to plan your future, but no, to imagine it, definitely not! So here goes nothing: I would like my "adult-hood" to be split up into two parts: a) my traveling, adventurous life, going from place to place, meeting new people and such. I would like to be a journalist at this stage. A traveling one too! :) & b) A stable life, with kids, a partner/husband, a nice house, being a family mum. At this point, I'd love to do some traveling but no way as much as I would have done before. I'm not sure whether I'd still be a journalist, or try something different.. Like a writer or a reporter on T.V or the radio. 
Basically, I'd like my life to be happy, successful and great. With some ups and downs, ins and outs but mainly loads of smiles! 

What about you?

Have fun!

- Zoé

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