Saturday, December 18

10th post, Holz & Hayao Miyazaki

Hello all readers!

A couple of subjects to broach on this post:

First off it is my 10th post and I'm super happy! My blog has been viewed 50 times - dunno if that is counting me. Thank you so much for reading, coment, follow and give me ideas. Thanx! Luv you.

Today is also the 1st day of the holz. Wow! It feels... I wouldn't say great, different maybe? ^.^ I wonder what next year'll be like... Anyway, I've vowed that I will not just sit on my lazy behind the whole time, I will be doing some organizing, meeting up with friends, sports, exploring. I'll be going to America for three weeks and when I come back, to the coast. But this is all AFTER christmas. At the coast I have a island called Shelza. I'll be talking about that later on in my blog.

And finally, Hayao Miyazaki. Hayao Miyazaki is an animation lord, god really. His movies are so, SO AMAZING. Full of colour and motion, some things are really realistic others not. My favourite:

Howl's Moving Castle

"A terrific little fantasy that will arouse one's childlike curiosity"

If you have not seen it before, trust me GET IT!

Hope you have enjoyed this little distraction as a post!


- Zoé

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