Saturday, February 12

Things I have Learnt This Year

1- Books can teach you a lot, they can inspire you and can evoke feelings. You can admire characters, or you can hate and despise them. You can follow their actions and follow their way of being... But in the end they teach you to form your life.
2- Some questions best not be answered. Or atleast till a certain time or age. They might kill your childhood, scare you, stop you from dreaming.
3- Forgive not Forget. Which is harder than you think.
4- If you always live in fear, what's the point in living?
5- Meeting new people is meeting adventure.
6- Little moments cause great happiness.
7- No-one's perfect.
8- If you keep a secret bottled up inside of you for too long, you'll explode - not litrally but with your actions, your personality will change too.
9- People - and things - are not what they seem.
10- When writing a story, you don't count the words or pages, you just go with the fantasy of writing.
11- You dream & imagine with your 
12- Mean your actions.
13- Never change for someone else, only change because you feel it's time... Because want it or not, you will.
14- Fantasy is just as important as facts.
15- Live, Love & Laugh. In that order.

2 thoughts:

  1. Wow, the year just took off and you learnt so much!? Lovely lessons learnt! :) Proud of you :)

  2. haha :) no i actually wrote this list last yr about last yr. haha!! :D


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