Saturday, February 5

Feeling bleh-like

Soon the holz will end. Soon I will go into Australian High School [which is Junior High for America, I  think]... I'm feeling pretty bleh...
But let's think positive. New. New teachers, new friends, new subjects, new surroundings, new classes. A locker! :] And one of the best bits? I've got an awesome friend who'll be at my side.
A person going through the same things as you, with the same fears and hopes, wants and dreams. That's what a friend is right?
Anyways one of my fave things to do before something new is *drum rolls plz* getting organized!!
It's great: choosing and deciding and buying and labeling and decorating.

Alright, well, see ya my little blog :)
Wish me luck for the 1st day back. Sadly this also means that I won't have that much time for blogging...
Nvm.. :-/



2 thoughts:

  1. All the very best for your first day! :) :) HAHAHA Enjoy the school life!


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