Saturday, April 30

Challenge || 9 Loves

10 Day Challenge || 9 Loves

Oooh, this will be easy :)

9. I love literature. And long complicated words that mean simple things. And synonyms.
8. I love my family and friends.
7. I love being original and kreative.
6. I love anything sweet, tennis, swimming, cats and photography. And art.
5. I love traveling and shopping.
4. I love the way my sister snuggles up to me when I read her a book. I love fairy-tales. And happy endings.
3. I love the way the sun shines through silver spiderwebs. I love shimmering things.
2. I love imagining and pondering.

~ Till next time!
-- {Zoé}--

3 thoughts:

  1. aawww, that was sweet.

    I loved all of them, so sweeet and innocent!

    Do drop by my blog and check out the two new posts :)

  2. I love literature and cats and photography, too. And that picture. ♥

  3. sonshu: yes i checked out your blog and left a comment :)
    kendall: :) thank you for dropping by :) ill have to visit ur blog


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