Saturday, April 30

Challenge || 10 Secrets

10 Day Challenge || 10 Secrets:

There are a different types of secrets,
The ones you gather in your garden of secrets to cultivate and keep for yourself,
The ones you furtively whisper to your best friends,
The ones you tell solemnly to your mother, And the ones you tell your blog and blog readers.


10. I love kiddy movies or shows: Shawn The Sheep, Ruby Gloom, Tangled, Dispicable Me, The Incredibles etc... I also like dolls and sock monkeys.
9. I wouldn't mind being famous for a couple of days. Why is it a secret? Well, I'm not exactly a Girly Wirly I-wanna-be-a-movie-star-or-pop-star-and-now type of person... I don't know. I think it would be fun to try it out though.
8. I have a couple of things I would like. But they are either so absurdly expensive or so impossibly hard to get/find that they are my secrets: 
* Perfume. Yes I know I know I am only 12. BUT, really nice smells in really romantic glass bottles just make me want them! 
7. Wings :) No comment. No actually, yes comment.
6. I also want the power of FIRE and WATER. :) Oh, and EYE. And to talk to animals. Like birdies. ~tweet~
5. I also wouldn't mind being a princess. And have a wedding like Kate's. Yeah.
4. Four more secrets to go... I'm running out :) I am obsessed with cats. And cat eyes. Black cats. Woooow.
3. My parents are divorced. I have 2 half-sisters and a step-dad.
2. I'd love to read minds.
1. And... # 1: I am a shopaholic :)

BTW these are not in any specific order :)

See you tomorrow,
~ Zoé

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