Tuesday, April 26

Mini Breakdown

Hello again my gorgeous blog,

So, yesterday I had a mini breakdown about all the horrible things in this cruel world, and I decided to write a poem:

Pollution, Poverty and Starvation.
Cries of anguish and fear,
Resonating in my heart,
The world so big, so cruel, so harsh.

And then there's me. 
Don't know how what or how to start.
Salty tears, no hope, just grime.

Broken souls.

I hear something faint and beautiful,
I look up and at last see a glimmer,
Nothing stable, but there at least,

Comforting and sweet,
I feel elated, on top of the world.
Flickering candles, Friendly people and Bright flowers.

Colour seeps into my world.

Basically, have compassion and try to help in every way possible, but, please don't forget your luck and life.

Dialogue My sister and my dad:

Sister: Papa?
Dad: Mmm. [On iPad, distracted]
Sister: What do you do when you get fustrated? [Fustrated because of Gameboy game]
Dad: I sleep. [Still distracted]
Sister: Noo, but when you really can't do something and get fustrated.
Dad: [Finally paying attention] You start again and again.
Sister: Really?
Dad: Yeah, if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.
Sister: Oh.

It's lovely to listen sometimes, to kids and adults alike. They inspire me.

Hugs & Kisses.

~ Zoé

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