Tuesday, May 3

Challenge || 6 Places

10 Day Challenge || 6 Places

6. My home is my house. My room is my place. I love it to bits it is my world. And I love decorating it.
5. My island. Remember Shelza? I feel so nice there.
4. Paris. I have quite a lot of my family there. I have been visiting it since forever. And every day I love it more and more.
3. Then I have all my whimsical places in my imagination. Some I share with my close friends (Verozia for ex) others I keep to myself. I call them my "Bubbles".
2. Library. Anyone. I feel at home with the books. Each whispering something to me.
1. And Marina Del Rey. My middle name is "Marina" because I was born there. I feel connected to it. :)

Till next time {Mouahz}

~ Zoé

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