Tuesday, May 3

Challenge || 7 Wants

10 Day Challenge || 7 Wants


I want would like these 7 things:

7. A basketball, basketball net, basketball lessons (sensing a theme?).
6. I also would like a shelf with different compartiments for my treasures, in my room. A little like this -->
5. A new game and a new song for my iPod.
4. A jumper.
3. Also a traveling bag.
2. A new tennis racket.
Pretty boring. Right?
But WAIT, there's more (I sound like a TV advertiser *fake grin*: With the price of one we give you two!! Yay)!
1. I want world peace :) And health. And love. Tacky, but sometimes tackiness is the way to go.

Lots Of Love,



2 thoughts:

  1. HAHHA, those were so sweet :)

  2. thank you! i ad so much fun doing this challenge, "wants" in particular though!


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