Sunday, May 1

Challenge || 8 Fears

10 Day Challenge || 8 Fears

8. I don't fear monsters, I fear bad people, who do bad things. I believe they are much more dangerous... ((creeeps))
7. I fear snakes, spiders, bees and jellyfish.
6. I fear diseases that could harm my friends, family and myself.
5. I'm scared I'll drown in the sea, or burn myself with fire.
4. I am scared of knives and guns.
3. I am slightly scared of hights.
2. I slightly fear growing up.
1. I fear that me or my friends might drastically change.

~ Till next time :)

~~ Zoé

2 thoughts:

  1. Hey Zoe!!!!!!
    I'm scared of spiders, snakes and dangerous diseases.
    I'm not scared of bad people for 2 reasons:
    1. Because i have the means to stop them if they threaten anyone I care for.
    2. Because bad people aren't born bad, something happens to them during their life that changes their perspective on things, makes them fill with misery\anger and clouds their vision. So they can no longer tell right from wrong. I feel sorry for these people, they may have lost their mother very young, or maybe they were beaten up by their father, who knows! But something bad happened to them and that made them see bad. But you're right. Some people just aren't strong enough to choose good over bad...

  2. 999: what u wrote was very very true. except i cant go around with a story like "he was poorly treated when he was an infant" when a serial killer is hurting everything and everyone. in lady gaga's video "born this way" she sings about choosing to be good or to be bad and how it can be hard.

    <3 i love listening to your thoughts and ideas. my blog is not only a place to share mine, but yours too!


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