Saturday, June 11

Pictures from Korea

The air is fresh and crisp. There are rain showers occasionally and the wind makes my face go numb. Sparkling spider webs glint in the sun.

On the winter flowers there are little specks of dew all day long. Trees are naked and look sad. Everything is bare. But also fresh.

Here are the pictures of my trip to Europe (sorry for the 5 wk delay).


These are all pictures I proudly took :)
More later :)
~ Zoé

4 thoughts:

  1. I love, your pictures, I saw you in the reflection of one of them and the beech in the human mouth was pretty scary.. :)

  2. thank you so vry much!! i have more pics to show but they take aaaages to upload, ill try l8tr on. haha, i sat on that bench and i was all "ok getting off". they freak me out too!

  3. Cool pics, very artistic!!!!!!

  4. thank you soo so much!! i spent ages taking dffrent pix and the best ones were the ones i hadnt planed. a lot of things are like that, arent they? not able to be planed


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