Tuesday, June 28

Mrs Fields Cookies

Twice a year I go to L.A. Twice a year - and only then - I get to enjoy a Mrs. Fields cookie on the plane. Twice a year I slowly tear the gooey cookie, placing the parts, one by one into my mouth. Each time I do, I just die. This is an Australian brand, but you can find them anywhere really. Aghh, now I want one. And badly too.
And they have the best flavours :) Mmm...

See you soon!
Love - Zoé

4 thoughts:

  1. Hey Zoe, you've made me hungry now...Oh well, meat pie for diner....... mmmmmmmmm..........

  2. :) yeah, another way - apart from reading blog posts about gooey cookies - to crave sweet food, is to watch charlie and the chocolate factory :P we know how that feels dont we?

  3. I'll say!!!!!!!
    Did you find your gum?
    We sould so bring some food in for english so we don't die! I'll bring boiled sweets! A+

  4. haha, yeh we should, hang on a sec, wut r boiled sweets? nah, i didn't find m gum packet... nvm :(


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