Saturday, June 4

My life... Now.


I have been asking myself a lot of questions - as usual. A lot about choices and such. I mean, look to your left. No seriously. OK, well you can choose to go in that direction or on your right. And say when you go left you fall on a toy truck lying around and break a limb, and go to hospital. And when you go right, you accidently find your journal you wrote when you were a child. And you read it. And you decide to go visit you best friend at the time. Life is a bunch of choices.

Anyways, See you soon!

7 thoughts:

  1. thank u anonymous!! i have - with a lot of effort and persperation/sarc - figured out who u r. :) thx for reading too!

  2. I think I have an idea. On who anonymous is too.. And that was super cool zoo, very mysterious , I just gonna put my name down as Anonymous, but I live in Canada , and I'm guessing you'll know who I am, but it might be tricky...... Lol

  3. oo ive got readers from all round world!! thanks scorpie for writing all these lovely comments!

  4. Hey Zoe, is this the last page of your blog?
    It's sooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. no its not the last page, look on the right and you can go to all the pages of it. thanks for reading

  6. Salut Zoe! Je m'appelle 999 et je veus voir qui peut comprendre! Si vous pouvez me comprendre, dit-le!!!!

  7. Je te comprend ça c sur! :) mais les autres... peut-etre ma cop du canada et mon cop du nigère. ils sont cool tous les deux. a+


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