Friday, May 27

Blue and Depp

Lately I have been pondering the colour:

Dark BlueLight BlueAqua • Ocean • Navy 

Blue is a colour that won't let you down. It is a strong but calm colour and one that I get attached to very easily. I love blue birds, blue nail polish, bluebells, the sea, blueberries and summer skies.

I also have been pondering Johnny Depp.

J. epp


Johnny Depp is a unique person. He is an actor with a strong imagination and a liking for peculiar things. He displays his inner child by playing in movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pirate’s of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland, all wonderful. With his original taste, Johnny Depp stands out from the crowd physically in his movies: he acts quite precious and androgynous. He uses his wit and mind rather than muscles. Johnny Depp is discreet with his personal life but social when working. He is very successful in the movie world, one of the best paid actors, and even owns his own island. Nevertheless, he stays away from commercialism. He is also a gifted musician and down to earth.

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3 thoughts:

  1. Depp :P I louuu him. hes hawt :) haha

  2. haha! louu him? u mean lovvv him? i love all his movies <3

  3. Love him, so awesome!!!!!!!!
    Fav pirates of the Caribbean's!


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