Tuesday, August 2

Guest Post || Caroline

Around us there are interesting people. With original style, and an vibrant personalities.
I try to learn as much as I can from these people...

I've invited one of my close friends: Caroline.
Caro, tell us a bit about you.

Hello, my name is Caroline Emma De Wan [Dee-Won] and I'm 13 years old.

What is your ultimate dream?

My ultimate dream is to invent the ultimate cure, become a millionaire, give lots of money to charity, tour around the world helping people less fortunate people and be an astronomer.

Your favorite thing to do on a Sunday evening?

Finish homework.
Your favorite website?

My blog (www.caroline-myawesomeholiday.blogspot.com), your blog and most game sites.

What is a crazy thing you are passionate about?

  My kitten, she's crazy. 

And are there any strange facts about you?
                        I have met the Queen and I like busting and re-making anything.

Do you enjoy photography? If so, what do you like capturing?

I love photography and I love taking pictures about anything!

Thank you so much for your time!
Anything else to add?

Not really, just that I love having you for a friend.

Lovely having you Caro, thanks.

I have found a real nice website: { weheartit.com }
It's a site with hundreds of inspirational pictures and it's absolutely stunning.

I'm now using "Piknic.com" (or is it "Picnik.com"?) to edit my pictures. I'm getting more into photography now than ever.

I'm also going to try out for a basketball team. I used to do swimming & tennis as sports. But now I'm giving them a break and lean towards the hoops.

I'll post more words and pictures soon.

- Zoé
"Words are beautiful, When a story is told, it means they come together to dance on a page"

2 thoughts:

  1. Ahh...So true.
    Lovely pics!
    By the way, what is a sharpie?
    How did you have an interview with caroline on your blog?
    It was really good!!!!!!!!!

  2. thnx!
    a sharpie is a sort of thin texta, tz very artistic ;)
    i emailed caro and asked her whether she'd want an interview and she said yes so... i sent her the Q and she sent me the A. thank u for reading!


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