Thursday, July 28

Armed with nothing but a Sharpie


I am back from America, one of the things that I got there was... a Sharpie I love, love it! I've been doing everything with it, from marking days off with my calendar to writing inspiring messages on wood for the people who are dear to me.
{ It's sitting with me right now, with a look of smugness about it }
I googled "Sharpie" and it came up with this am-ay-zing Sharpie art!!
On cups! How randomly beautiful is that? Then I actually saw the art and went "WOW". See for yourself.


4 thoughts:

  1. Hey Zoe! Cool pics!

  2. Hey Zoe,
    Who are the dear ones you talk about? Your family right?

  3. i mean mostly my friends. so far i have given 4 out :D


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