Wednesday, August 10

Sparkly Days

Yesterday was a sparkly day; pale sunshine filtered through the branches of the various trees surrounding the school "quad". We sat - my friends and I - surrounded by bags, in a circle talking about everything and anything while  munching on redskins. From school work, cranky teachers and cute boys, to the meaning of life, the lovely feeling of climbing trees and whether or not we'd enter the "40 famine".

I've decided that I'm going to give up speech/talking for two days for the 40 hour famine. If you would like to donate, I will be putting up my web page and you could donate. My ultimate goal is 100 $. But I'd be happy with 50 $ as it's my 1st time doing this. My friends are giving up: sweet food one day and savory the other. Also, a girl is giving up furniture, so no sitting, laying or sleeping on a furniture. Last year a person gave up turning left, so he'd have to turn right then left. It feels nice to be doing something good for the world.
Will you be entering?


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