Monday, August 15


I'm thinking of doing a little re-designing on my blog.
First, a new name, if you have a moment, tell me which is best:

wish dust

the dream catcher

a silver butterfly

paper cranes 

winking stars

on an air balloon

my life in words

dancing in the rain

my words and i

six impossible things before breakfast

simple and free

porcelain doll

a smile a day

smiles and summer skies

the silver feather

summer breeze

the girl in the white dress

checkered pj's


Second, a blog button. Like the one's on the right hand side. Hopefully if people put it on their blog it'll attract some more lovely readers ;)

Lastly, the blog design. 
Please share any ideas!

A guest post with "Clara" will be coming soon!

Much love,


3 thoughts:

  1. Zoey drop by the blog soon. 300TH coming up. Oh and mail me what you think about my blog, i'll be publishing it.

  2. I like the dream catcher or my words and i most, very creative!!!

  3. sonshu: yupp, twas cool how i was mentioned in ur blog :)
    999: oh thank uu! i really liked, smiles and summer skies, wish dust, fly. but "my words and i" just spoke to me. :)


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