Thursday, August 25

Snap shot

Today I had woodwork first period, and once I'd finished lacquering my wooden box, I didn't have much to do. I think my teacher got fed up with me drawing swirls on the board and let me play with his camera.

I adore my mini silver digital "Sony" camera and it's beaded case but what a camera! It had a big lens, and what a wonderful focus. I adopted it from that moment on and skipped around the workshop taking pictures of droplets dripping from rusty taps, my friends smiling faces and sawdust. It was gorgeous, I'm longing one of those cameras!

Strangely enough I had a nightmare about a month ago about some "Nikon" big-lensed-camera that injured everyone it took a picture of. It was scary! Ahem... Change of subject
> I saw these little stars on another blog, it's a great way to change the subject <

A picture tells a 1000 words, my week, in pictures.

{In french this is called a "canard", a "duck": dipping a block of sugar in coffee, please don't ask about the name}

{Reading by our thailand lights sums up my evenings}

{Sometimes, you gotta treat yourself}

{Recently purchased these "meditating" marbles, I can't stop playing with them}


I'm going to my first Taekwondo lesson tonight! I really love the meditating and spiritual aspect of it, and that I can defend myself whenever in need! It's going to be wonderful!

I've enjoyed your company! Thanks for stopping by.

~ Love

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