Friday, August 26

Guest Post || Sophie

I have Sophie here with me at school, we have a break, so I've decided to ask her personality questions:

What do you like to do on a rainy afternoon?

I'd like to read books or put a hoodie on and go outside and enjoy the rain.

Do you enjoy photography?

I don't have a camera and don't take many pictures, but I do enjoy looking at inspiring pictures, like the ones on Zoé's blog!

What are some of your favourite songs?

I like "Your love is my drug" by Kei$ha and "Animal" also by her.

So you have a moto, or an inspiring group of words you would like to share?

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain", and my other one "Keep going there is always good ahead" which means that every day there will always be something nice that will make your day, even if you don't know about it yet. 

What is your favourite herb, flower or plant?
{She's quite into herbal medicine :) }

I like, lavender because if its' medical uses and it smells nice. I also really love snow drops.

Which holiday (Easter, Christmas or your Birthday) do you prefer?

Christmas is probably my favourite because you get to receive chocolate, toys and other fun things and others too, so you can enjoy your presents together. 

Do you wear jewelry? What is your favourite item?

If I wear jewelry it would be simple, pretty and meaningful to me - with a sentimental value. I would wear it almost always and would keep great care of it. I love charms and pendants, so necklaces.

Lastly what is the genre of book that you prefer?

Mythology and Adventure. Also Fantasy. Such as Harry Potter (7) & Percy Jackson.

Thank you Sophie! You have been awesome! Thanks for giving my blog a moment of your time.

Thanks, it's an honor to be on your blog.

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