Monday, September 5

Squeeze My Eyes Shut

A recap, a while back, the flow I was writing at was not continuous, I stumbled on what to say on my post, words didn't come to me, I added pictures for the sake of it and I did not experience much joy in blogging.

Now, I am certain with what I want and how far I want to take blogging. I have decided that I will not stress over stats, comments or followers, I will not nag myself to get the "latest" blog gadget, but will write for the reason I started blogging: for the thrill.

Sometimes when I read other blogs, I feel quite sad that my blog has not as much success, or as many readers. I feel that the standard (I'm not sure of what) has not been attained. But, then I realize that I didn't start for a number (a statistic for example), I have to remember that blogging is virtual and as much as I love "My words & I" -- my gorgeous blog, no way will I ever spend all my free time on it.

I have decided that with all these values in mind I will think "good, long, picture-plenty, and vivid" while expressing myself in Posts.

Old readers, and new, I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and hope that some time, not soon, but some time I will leave this blogging world with a smile and a pocket full of good memories. Thank you.


Onto something else, I officially have a dream. My dream is to own:

$ 560 is quite some money, 'specially for a 12 year old captur-er. But if that 12 year old -- that's turning 13 very shortly {eep!} is determined to save every cent of her pocket money for this beauty, I think it's possible. I will not have this given to me on a golden platter, but I will put sweat, blood and pain to achieve. Righty-ho, maybe not thaaat much.


I am now on Facebook. These are the websites that I love:

I think it's very important not to get too caught up with cyberspace and spend some solid "enjoying life" time.


Just a belated "Happy Fathers' Day". I love you papa! Yesterday we had Yum Cha and I ate so much I could of burst from a peculiar mango pudding (photos later) to pork plump dumplings, it was pretty yumish. 


Alright, time to sign off, thanks for reading! Lot's of love!
It is the 5th day of spring: my favourite season. How beautiful everything gets. Sadly I have to be sick, bleh.

Coming soon: 100 things to do before I die. It will be broken up into two posts, <3

Come back soon,

P-S About the title, I'm not sure... I think it was an inspirational urge?!

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  1. With the camera, here is an australian company (which operate from hong kong) where i bought my dslr(D5000) and you can get the D3100 for $434

  2. @hamish: thank you for advice! il look into it *_*


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