Friday, November 18

my news

Dear Blog,

I have some awesome news, some white and silver and black news. I have my own iMac! It has photo booth & an awesome wire less keyboard and mouse!

*Happy dance*

I'm not sure what to name it though... Because it is a well known fact you have to name every object you love.

~ Lotus

4 thoughts:

  1. That is totally cool. Name it Kandervant.;) LOL jk.

  2. Dear Lotus

    I suggest Maxim or Serge or Vladimir.

    Why not a russian je ne sais quoi...

    Glad you're happy with your new friend!


  3. i think you should name it adele if it's a girl, and jeffie if it's a boy.

    also, quinn {from etc.} designed my blog, and made the drop down button. i have the code for it, but i don't exactly know how she made it. if you want i can contact her and ask! :))
    -jocee <3

  4. ooh, i can't decide (: but thanks for all your suggestions!!


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