Saturday, November 12

as promised

As promised, a little more on Zahra's party -- seriously it's worth a post!

So, you know when you go to a party you don't expect anything in return apart from say a slice of chocolate cake. Well, when I came back, I had: a Play-Doh box with bright pink dough {who says only plump-ish two year olds can play with Play-Doh?}, a Coke can with my name on it, hair clips, a sunflower plant and a tummy full of pie and icecream. Can't get much better than that; can it now?
The party was based on "The Amazing Race" and we had to follow all these clues and solve riddles, and, and, yeah it was pretty epic.

Okay I've got to fly, no seriously, fly.

With love,

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  1. Yeah I once went home with hair-clips some toys and party foods and sweets!



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