Monday, November 7

on a monday evening

The weekend started with the fete, which was absolutely awesome. It was warm and I wore my blue dress. It included piggy cupcakes -- don't judge they were cute AND delicious -- made out of velvet cake, three turns on the Claw with friends, which went really smoothly

{Me: Aaaah! I'm gonna die, aaaaah!
Lara: Calm, it's okay just breath in, breath - aaah!}

Followed by me buying a pretty top, shorts and a jade ring. Which totaled  up to a grand $ 3.50.

Then, I had sleep over and we watched 17 Again, we both went swoon.
It finished with one of my best friends party {way more about that later}.
Happy birthday Zahra.

~~ With love,

4 thoughts:

  1. You make the Fete sound so whimsical and lovely.
    Love your Joie de Vivre!

  2. @M: thank you, lovely of you to comment!

  3. I feel so bad that I haven't been on lately especially now that I realise you have published things about Moi.
    I am filled with joy to see that you think my party deserves a whole entire post.

  4. @zahra: don't feel bad you haven't been visiting! people come and go on my blog. well your party was pretty e.p.i.c ♥


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