Monday, December 5

angel hearts

I have a teacher. She is a always-cracking-up-jokes teacher. Someone who I admire deeply and who is always helping me and encouraging me. She calls us her angel hearts:

"Listen up angel hearts... and others"

I will miss her jokes and way of teaching. Her subject won't ever be the same. It had become everyone's favourite and now it'll just be a period in a musty classroom and a daft teacher. We'll miss her way of giving us a pile of work the last day of school, with a smile and a "You never work enough" when all the other teachers give up and let us watch "Zoolander". I'll miss her "games" which were always about grammar and her way to do... everything.

We will miss you Mme. C.

Merci... pour tout.
~ Zoé

3 thoughts:

  1. I wish she could see what you wrote about her.
    It would warm her heart, a fluttering wounded thing at the moment.
    I suggest you find a way.

  2. It is a great idea to do a post of Mme. Zoe! Thank you!
    She'll really appreciate it!

  3. Mme.C, you were the best teacher I ever had and I will miss you. I hope everything will turn out ok for you, like you deserve.



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