Monday, December 12

guest post || zahra

Dear Blog,

I'm at school and I've decided to invite Zahra, my awesome friend, to guest post:

So, which colour would you like to be Zahra?

This one please!

Parties or Discos?


Pink or Blue?


Dresses or shorts?


Ice cream or cake?

I like hot cake with ice cream on it. 


Fine... Ice cream.

Computer or Books?


Nail polish or Normal?


Okay Zahra; thank you so much for your time!
A last questions before you go:

What is you motto? (You know how I like mottos ^.^)

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

3 thoughts:

  1. No comments yet.
    Well, guess I get to be first then. But what to say on sort-of my own post?
    I got it! Thank you Zoé for letting me be interviewed on your blog.
    Thanks again, Zahra.

  2. Hey Zoe!!!!!! how r u? I just wanted to wish you good luck for ur grading and tell u that i've been practising and i am now prepared for mine.
    Love your conversation with Z.

  3. @zahra: no problem it was my pleasure (:
    @soph: thank you, tell me how u went.. maybe on another place then my blog though! ill get the results of mine in a week or so. :)


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