Sunday, December 18

i dislike

I dislike the way some will walk past a poor man, huddled on the pavement in a dirty grey blanket not only ignoring the "Please help me out" sign but strutting past with an air of superiority.

I dislike the look in a mistreated anything, whether it would be a child, a puppy or even a teacher getting growled at by Mr. or Mrs. Principle.

I dislike when books are thrown around, their covers torn and ripped, and pages become dark with peanut butter stains.

I dislike the smell of ginger. I dislike ginger. No, I hate it. I also dislike the smell of those murky blue curtains they have installed in plains, trains and busses. I dislike the "skin" on hot coco and when people use "u" instead of "you" while writing a story. I mean it is not okay unless it's on iChat or Facebook chat. Even in drafts or fluo post-its. Nahun.

I dislike it when people go all "Click ‘like’ if you’re glad you met me. Put this as your status to see how many you get ♥" or "Oh my goshhhhhhh, i love kaityy  so much, she is my lyff, mouahz, gurll i love yaaa so hard, mouuch, mouuuch, u r like tots DA bomb, i canttt wait to see u this arvo bebz. i love you soooo much xxxxxxxxxxxx mouaz" I mean, please, why put that as your status would you really say things like "Ex, ex, ex" in real life after EVERY line. No. No. And no. Think about it:

Suzie: Hey, how did you do in your test? Ex, ex, ex. I'm sure you aced it. Ex, ex, ex. Geez, I love you. Ex, ex, ex.

Talk online like you would in real life. It's simple.

I dislike pessimists - and you might think I am one, but I'm not. I'm just sick of writing only posts like "The rain pitter pats on the roof, as I clutch my hot chocolate mug" in the Winter, "The crunch, crunch of the leaves and golden light relax me after a gorgeous day with my family" in Autumn, "We sip our lemonade glasses while looking up at the pure-ness of the sky" in Summer, and "The buds slowly opened as I wondered at the perfect-ness of it all" in Spring. I dislike people who get upset before the bad thing has struck.

I dislike girls who have as aim to ruin others lives. And boys for that matter.

I dislike fake grins and stone hard smiles. I dislike people who pretend they like Elmo to be cool. I dislike bad marks...

But what, I do like. What I truly like -- without being stereotypical or clichéd -- is life. 

That... I love.

Have a nice evening,

And I won the best writing prize at the awards night, that was pretty exciting!

With love, and non-fake smiles,


3 thoughts:

  1. I love your post!
    It is so true!

    Sorry I'm a bit behind in reading blogs! But a late "Happy Birthday!!!";)

    And I liked the guest post with zahra.


  2. thank you melissa :) & i'm touched that you keep on reading my blog, thanks!

  3. That's OK I absolutely love your BLOG! It is so entertaining and always puts a smile on my face when a smile is hard to find!



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